DDG Frameshop

DDG offers a full range of framing services, including museum quality matting, mounting, and custom woodworking. We use only preservation materials and methods, specializing in traditional rice paper hinging techniques and working exclusively with 100% cotton rag mat board and UV protected glazings.  DDG works with our clients on a large variety of project types. From photographs, works on paper, to paintings, we can help design the perfect framing solution for any medium.

At DDG, we believe in letting the art speak first. We take a considered minimal approach to frame design, focusing on the piece and how to compliment it best. Our goal is to provide the best of museum quality framing while presenting art with thoughtfulness, integrity, and functionality.


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preservation matting and hinging

We use 100% cotton rag museum boards for all of our matting at DDG Frameshop.  Available in 4ply and 8ply, our matting utilizes state of the art CNC mat cutting technology.  All artwork is adhered into place using either rice paper hinges and wheat paste, BEVA, or lignen-free corners.  Matting only services available for galleries and collectors. 


uv protected glazings

Light can be a major source of damage to artwork.  DDG Frameshop offers all UV protected glazings, including Optium acrylics and Art Glass, providing a minimum 93% UV protection.  Even when not exposed to direct sunlight,  harmful light can still be making its way to your artwork. Using a UV protected glazing is always a smart choice. 

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hand finished custom moldings and stains

DDG specializes in custom millwork and hand finishes.  Using sustainably harvested hardwoods and low VOC finishes, we are committed to the safety of our forests and our employees.  We work with each piece on an individual basis, specifically designing finishes and profiles to uniquely compliment the artwork.  Check out the suppliers we love, Vermont Hardwoods and Picture Woods.


mounting, all sizes, all substrates

We offer mounting services for photographs and other works on paper.  Mounting is available on to museum board, sintra, dibond, aluminum, or other substrates of your choice.